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Yoga Sutras: Supporting your yoga practice

Yoga is more than just asanas (yoga postures) and when done in support of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, it can be a powerful life changing practice. If there was one book left to read on this earth, I hope it would be this one. Regardless if you are a beginner or a more advanced yogi, this is book is for you. As we practice yoga on our mat, our life off of our mat may be better. Yoga is an ancient method with precise indications of how to be and what to do in order to be truly happy. Yoga asanas can sometimes throw you off course when they are not accompanied by the Yoga Sutras. Once you’ve opened the door to yoga, you can no longer look back at who you were before.

The first few steps in will urge you to move forward into this world of yoga and pursue this discipline. On your path of yoga you will stumble on many stones and the effects will be felt on and off your mat. This is why it is important to support your yoga practice with the help of the Yoga Sutras. On your journey, your most inner voice will have questions and revelations about yourself. ”Who Am I?” “Where am I going?” “What is the purpose of life?” The Yoga Sutras will guide us and support us, through this process for lasting happiness.

In my opinion, the Yoga Sutras are magical as they do not need to be understood fully, they just need to be received with an open heart. In the society in which we are living, there are a lot of yogis on their mats doing their practice day after day, which can make their inner and outer world more chaotic. In the first few years of our yoga practice, we fall in love with how we feel. The love, the space in our body, the lightness, the overall well-being, and the physical aspects are enticing. These are all good things but there are ways to feel supported on a deeper level through yoga. I encourage you to read the Yoga Sutras and you will come to realize that every word and letter in this book is filled with positive energy. I recommend you read a few paragraphs at a time and let them simmer in you. Re-read those same paragraphs every day for weeks or months and slowly move onto the next. The Yoga Sutras are a thread that build on each other like building blocks. What they do to the yogi is immeasurable. Let the Yoga Sutras make their way in you and see how your yoga practice will feel more understood, integrated, true and authentic.

I give thanks to all my ancestors in supporting me and guiding me through this work, which has been passed onto us. I wish you great success on this journey, Namaste.

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